Sunday, December 23, 2012

Article # 136. The Disadvantages of Starving Yourself To Achieve Weight Loss

The Disadvantages of Starving Yourself To Achieve Weight Loss

The overall rate of overweight and obese people is on the rise in every part of the world. Many of these people actually believe that if they change their normal diets, they will be able to lose weight effectively. Some even undergo extreme measures like starvation and fad diets just to lose weight. Do these methods really work? If you are an individual who is struggling with weight problems, it is important to be smart and stay away from the unhealthy and ineffective eating habits such as skipping meals just to lose weight. According to Northwestern Health Science University, individuals who skip meals or starve have a very high tendency to gain weight. The American Dietetic Association also does not recommend an individual stay hungry just to lose weight. In fact, they stated that we actually need food to eat to lose weight effectively.
Going Hungry
Overeating and starvation (going hungry) may seem very opposite to each other. However, no matter what their difference is, there is a very big correlation between overeating habits and individuals who skips meals or starve throughout the day. Excess eating habits can be managed, but they are very difficult to avoid when an individual starves and skip meals frequently. Although the individuals who starve and skip meals can actually burn up hundreds of calories everyday, researches have shown that they are inclined to eat more and bigger meals at night time in order to compensate for extreme hunger, resulting in weight gain.
Science and Starvation
We all know that our body needs food and nutrition for the burning of and replenishment of energy. As we consume foods, our body expects energy sources to be available to burn fats via metabolic pathways throughout each day. However, whenever an extreme diet such as starvation for weight loss is introduced, the body shuts down our metabolism to compensate. According to the Vanderbilt University study, after 3 days of starvation, our body shuts down calorie burning and starts to store some fats. In other words, starvation leads to slower metabolism and fat stores which means that the patient can gain weight especially after their normal eating habits are resumed.
Starvation is not a requirement for effective weight loss. In fact, it is better to eat a large meal in the morning and taper meals in the remainder of the day. You could also eat small frequent meals during the day to keep your body metabolism working normally and also has the benefit that you can remain satisfied and full throughout the day. Choosing fresh fruits and vegetables to eat to lose weight will not only remove overall fats but can also improve overall health. Other foods to eat to lose weight may include whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, and wheat.


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