Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Article # 95. Vertical Crunches (V Leg Crunch)

Abdominal Exercise - Vertical Leg Crunch
Vertical leg crunches: this exercise is particularly suitable for working upper abs area of the abdominal muscles.
The vertical leg crunch is a slight variation of the traditional crunch.  With a slight variation you can do a full vertical leg crunch which is explained below.

This six pack exercise was rated number 4 in a study of some of the most effective ab exercises.

How to do the Vertical Leg Crunch
·         Lie on the floor with back flat to the floor and place your hands beside you or loosely behind your head.
·         Extend your legs straight up, knees bent slight and crossed.
·         Using your ab muscles, contract the abs while you lift your upper body as if reaching your chest to your feet.
·         Keep your legs in a fixed position and at the top of the move, pull in your belly button towards your spine.
·         To do this move as a full vertical leg crunch, place your hands loosely by head.  When lifting your upper body, also reach your legs to the ceiling, creating a curve or u-shape with your torso.
·         Repeat this move for 8 to 15 repetitions.
Note:  If you feel pressure or pain in your lower back, just do the vertical leg crunch versus to full vertical crunch and place your hands under your hips for added back support.  You can also bend your knees at a 90 degree angle to do this ab exercise. 

Health Benefits of The Vertical Leg Crunch

The vertical leg crunch is one of the most effective ab exercises you can do to build core strength. The vertical leg crunch has a number of health benefits; read on to find out what they are.

The Vertical Leg Crunch Builds Core Strength
The vertical leg crunch builds core strength in all of the muscles of your abdomen, both upper and lower. This exercise isolates the muscles of your abdomen and doesn’t require any special equipment. It’s also easy to learn. 

Enhanced core strength leads to enhanced overall strength, since you’ll be able to put more power behind the movements of your arms and legs. It also increases your athletic performance and can make you more proficient at aerobic activities like swimming, cycling, walking and running. Strengthening your core muscles increases stamina by increasing your overall body strength.

The Vertical Leg Crunch Improves Balance and Posture
The vertical leg crunch activates your core muscles and the muscles that help support your spine. This improves balance and can help you move more gracefully. You’ll be less prone to falls and accidents and less likely to injure yourself once you attain the improvements in balance that core strength training with exercises like the vertical leg crunch can provide.
The vertical leg crunch can also help correct poor posture by strengthening the muscles that support your spine. Most cases of back pain are related to postural problems, but strengthening your core with the vertical leg crunch supports your spine and improves bad posture. You’ll be less likely to sustain back injuries, such as sciatica, herniated discs, dislocated vertebrae and muscle strains. You’ll also experience less muscle tension and fewer muscle spasms.

Building Muscle Boosts Your Metabolism
Toning your abdominal muscles and building muscle density in the abdomen is a great way to boost your metabolism. Stronger, learner muscles require more energy to function, so your body will burn more calories even after your workout ends. Remember, if you have more lean muscle mass, you’ll be able to burn more calories when simply siting around and watching television then if you had less muscle mass.

Abdominal Exercises Improve Your Appearance
The vertical leg crunch is one of the best exercises you can do to flatten your stomach and enhance your appearance. A flatter stomach will give you more confidence and increase your self-esteem. The vertical leg crunch, used as part of a full body fitness plan, can help you manage stress and cope with the negative emotions that can lead to substance abuse and its attendant health problems, or even comfort eating and the health problems associated with weight gain.
Because core strength training improves your posture, you’ll appear more confident to others and may experience improvements in your social life. The improved self-esteem and self-confidence you’ll gain from core strength training can also make you less vulnerable to depression and anxiety.


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